The Courses

Investigate how mathematics can help to fight global threats, by predicting how diseases spread and how to tackle them.

Examine and address some of the key issues in contemporary world politics. Be aware: nothing is what it seems!

This hands-on, interactive and stimulating course uses a range of media to give you academic and practical insights ...

All of our courses are led by tutors who are experts in their field. They are all engaged in cutting-edge research which directly informs their teaching. That means students will be taught by people who will encourage them to consider problems from new perspectives, providing new solutions to old problems.

IGGY really pushes you to fulfil your full potential. IGGY student, Pakistan
Being with people from around the world, you realise how hard you need to work to be the best you can be. It’s been really life-changing for me. IGGY student, UK
IGGY is a lot more advanced – we learn PhD things which can be hard to understand but the teachers are really good. IGGY student, Taiwan
The experiences that I gained were invaluable and I hope to pass on some of my excitement to people back home. IGGY student, Malaysia

Each course involves 10 days of teaching from 9:30am – 4:30pm every weekday of the Residential School. Teaching will involve a variety of lecture and seminar style delivery as well as offsite educational trips. Students will work in small research groups throughout each course and will have the opportunity to present their research findings to an expert panel and receive feedback.

* Please note that all course information is subject to change and availability.