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Bakht Jamshaid Baryar

Residential Summer School 2010 and Junior Commissioner on Energy & Sustainability (2011-12)

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At the time of becoming a part of the IGGY family in 2010, I never knew how great and wonderful the experience would turn out to be. I attended IGGY’s last residential programme at Warwick spending some of the most memorable moments of my life and cultivating lifelong friendships during a two-week summer school. IGGY is not just simply learning about a subject but also about making new friends and opening up new avenues for the future.

I really believe that IGGY helped me in improving my confidence and provided a platform where I could show my abilities to the fullest. After the summer school, I applied and was selected for the Junior Commission and spent a further year working with likeminded students and academics while going on international trips to research and discover the world’s energy problems. I must say that these were some of the best experiences of my life.

The friendships I cultivated while being part of the IGGY family will stay with me for a lifetime. Amazingly, thanks to IGGY, today I have friends all over the globe. When I look back to my days at the residential programme and the Junior Commissioner, I only wish I could live them all over again. Today, I am pursuing my degree in Political Economy from King’s College London and the learning at IGGY has helped me achieve what a lot in terms of both academics and extra-curricular activities.

A large number of my friends from the summer school went on to join Warwick to pursue their higher education later on. Warwick has a fantastic campus with world-class academic reputation and facilities. Whenever I meet my juniors at high school for mentoring sessions, I always advise them to attend a residential programme especially a highly selective one such as IGGY. This I believe will not only help them develop their abilities, academic careers but also make them much more confident and well-rounded individuals.

One of my biggest achievements at IGGY was learning to work in a diverse, multi-cultural and an international environment. This has helped me work in diverse groups across the world. Recently, I returned from Somalia where I was working on a range of international development projects and now I am working remotely for UNDP while completing my degree here in London. IGGY certainly played a crucial role in developing my capabilities and nurturing my talents. I must say, that I am proud to be an alumnus of IGGY and the Junior Commission. Best of luck to all the new members and students, I am certain that like me IGGY will be a life changing experience for all of you.

IGGY really pushes you to fulfil your full potential. IGGY student, Pakistan
Being with people from around the world, you realise how hard you need to work to be the best you can be. It’s been really life-changing for me. IGGY student, UK
IGGY is a lot more advanced – we learn PhD things which can be hard to understand but the teachers are really good. IGGY student, Taiwan
The experiences that I gained were invaluable and I hope to pass on some of my excitement to people back home. IGGY student, Malaysia