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Happy Valentine's day from IGGY!

Instead of a card and flowers this year, we bring you a 4 part podcast on Chemistry Vs Cupid.

Our student mentor Alpa will share where Valentine’s day originated from, discuss whether the heart rules the head, investigate the chemical reactions in the brain, and provide examples of where experiments were carried out to supress feelings and behaviours linked to matters of the heart.

You can also take part in our valentines day quiz below.

Valentine’s day
Question 1: Who is cupid?
correct: The Roman god of love
incorrect: The Greek god of love
incorrect: The Egyptian god of love
Question 2: In portraits of cupid, what is he seen holding?
correct: A bow and arrow
incorrect: A dove
incorrect: A heart with wings
Question 3: Who is the Greek goddess of love?
correct: Aphrodite
incorrect: Venus
incorrect: Athena
Question 4: In Shakespearean times, which organ of the body was associated with love?
correct: The liver
incorrect: Kidneys
incorrect: The spleen
Question 5: St Valentine is the patron saint of love. Who else are considered the patron saints of love?
correct: Bee keepers
incorrect: Orphans
incorrect: Animals
Question 6: What is the love story behind Valentine’s day?
correct: Valentine was put to death, but left a note for his true love signed ‘From your valentine’
incorrect: Valentine married his childhood sweetheart
incorrect: Valentine littered the streets with red hearts expressing his love
Question 7: Who is the first poet to write ‘roses are red, violets are blue’?
correct: Edmund Spenser
incorrect: William Shakespeare
incorrect: Victor Hugo
Question 8: In Wales, if you give you Valentine a ‘swus’ what are you giving them?
correct: Kisses
incorrect: Sweets
incorrect: Flowers
Question 9: Which fruit is also known as a love apple?
correct: Tomato
incorrect: Pomegranate
incorrect: Cherries
Question 10: Which famous building lights up a red heart each Valentine’s Day?
correct: The Empire State Building, New York
incorrect: The Eiffel Tower, Paris
incorrect: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa