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Welcome to LGBT+ History Month 

FlagFebruary is known in many parts of the world as LGBT+ History Month, a time for people all across the world to take a look at what it means to be lesbian, gay, bi, or trans* (as well as other related identities).

This month we'll take you on a journey through the LGBT+ history timeline, give you an understanding of the terms associated with the LGBT+ community, videos, quizzes, top ten tips and funsize activities to broaden your understanding about LGBT. 

There is also an opportunity to ask questions to Sam and Nathan below, submissions will be anonymous so please don't worry about feeling worried about anything you'd like to ask. We're here to help! 

You can also include comments below and take part in our quiz to test your knowledge. 

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What does the T stand for in LGBT+? Why do you add a + on the end? Just how many asexual people are there?

LGBT+ issues come with lots of questions, and whilst we’re going to put up some pretty cool content for this year’s LGBT+ History Month (February), we know you’ll come up with loads more questions we’d love to answer.

So, here’s your chance! Submit your questions below and our very own LGBT+ mentors, Sam & Nathan, will answer them for you throughout the month!

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Your submissions are anonymous, we won’t reveal who asked which question. We'll share the answers to your questions each week. 

LGBT+ History Month
Question 1: In what year were same-sex civil partnerships introduced in the UK?
correct: 2004
incorrect: 2006
incorrect: 2000
Question 2: In which of the following countries does having a same-sex partner carry a sentence of up to 17 years in prison?
correct: Egypt
incorrect: Senegal
incorrect: South Africa
Question 3: In what year was the rainbow flag first used as a symbol of the LGBT+ community?
correct: 1978
incorrect: 1988
incorrect: 1968
Question 4: What symbol were gay men in Nazi concentration camps forced to wear?
correct: A pink triangle
incorrect: A yellow star
incorrect: A red swastika
Question 5: Which country in the world became the first to allow same-sex marriage, in 2001?
incorrect: Switzerland
correct: The Netherlands
incorrect: Germany
Question 6: In what year did the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges legalize same-sex marriage in all US states?
correct: 2015
incorrect: 2013
incorrect: 2014
Question 7: Hephaestion is considered the male lover of which famous ancient king and conqueror?
correct: Alexander the Great
incorrect: Julius Caesar
incorrect: King Arthur
Question 8: When was the Transgender Day of Remembrance founded?
correct: 1999
incorrect: 1989
incorrect: 2009
Question 9: Which landmark event in New York in 1969 was a catalyst for the LGBT+ rights movement?
correct: Stonewall Riots
incorrect: Election of Harvey Milk to public office
incorrect: First case of HIV/AIDS
Question 10: In what year was the first Pride march held?
correct: 1970
incorrect: 1975
incorrect: 1965