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Some people think that it is inherently wrong to advertise to children because they don’t understand how advertising works. Some blame it for the so-called obesity crisis. Child advertising is already banned in Sweden, Norway and Quebec.

We tackled this issue by holding a student citizens’ jury. In a citizens’ jury, members of the public meet to decide on public policy. They hear evidence from expert witnesses and before delivering their verdict. We did the same with 12 Warwick students from 6 disciplines.

Here you can consider this issue for yourself. Should we ban child advertising on television? You can hear what our experts had to say and see how your opinion compares to those of our jury.

Did you know?

  • 2-11 year olds see 25,600 ads per year
  • 26% of UK parents are very concerned about the amount of TV advertising their children see
  • 5-15 year olds watch over 14 hours of TV per week
  • US companies spend $17b per year advertising to children


Expert Opinions

Clive Crouch

Should children’s advertising be banned and why?
Does it matter to Britain that EU instigates a ban?
Quotas as replacement for children’s advertising?

David Buckingham

What else is children’s advertising used for?
Do you think the ban will take place?
Quotas as replacement for children’s advertising?

Rosina Robson

What are quotas and how could they provide an alternative to advertising in producing children’s content?
Would we lose anything if we relied on imported content?



  • Children’s advertising funds children’s media.
  • Children should be treated as having some autonomy, not simply as needing constant protection
  • Children need to learn about our commercial world
  • Advertising is scapegoat for deeper issues in society like poverty, which are much bigger factors in things like obesity


  • Children don’t understand how advertising influences them until between 7-12 years old.
  • Parents should make decisions about what to buy for children, not children themselves.
  • Advertising teaches children to value material goods too highly.
  • Children are too trusting of advertising.



Compare your views to the jury's
Ban TV advertising aimed at under-13s
You agreed
Ban advertising on TV with 30% under-13 audience
You agreed
Ban advertising aimed at under-8s
You agreed
Ban advertising on TV with 30% under-8 audience
You agreed
No ban. Regulation only
You disagreed


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