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See if you've got a future as a spy, or a cryptographer, by taking part in our weekly Turing Trials! This week we’re looking at a code called the Caesar Cipher.

Caesar ciphers are one of the simplest forms of encryption. When encrypting a message using this method each letter in the original message is replaced by another letter a specific number of places along the alphabet.

In the example below, a D becomes an A, an E becomes a B, and so on, right the way around to a C which becomes a Z!

Caesar shift

There are 26 different options for the Caesar cipher; you can shift the letters by one letter, two letters, three letters etc. Shifting by 26 letters results in getting back exactly the same message as you started with, since there are 26 letters in the alphabet! In the example above, we have shifted 3 letters backwards (or 23 letters forwards).

One tool you can use to encrypt and decrypt Caesar ciphers is a code wheel. You simply line up the pairs of letters (unencrypted on the outside and encrypted on the inside), then use it to quickly look up your message!

Hint: In this example, you would line up the A on the outer circle with the X on the inner circle, just like the arrows in the diagram above. Then all your letters are paired up correctly!

Have a try decrypting the message below, which has been shifted by 6 letters.

“Znk OMME xuhuz oy mxkgz gz iujky”

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You should have got "The IGGY robot is great at codes".
Well done if you did!

Time for this week’s challenge!

Decode the following message which has been encrypted using a Caesar cipher and follow its instructions to submit your answer!

“Yqeemsq EmyPqmz mzp uzfdapgoq kagdeqxr”

Stay tuned! Next week our mentor @SamDean will be introducing substitution ciphers!