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Citizens of Warwick

MsC in Economics
From Hong Kong

“I have to say that the campus is a lot prettier than where I went to study for my undergrad. The other thing I like about Warwick is that you get to meet loads of people, that’s either by yourself or the course organising events for you to help you settle into your new life. I’ve been enjoying it so far, it’s interesting”

"The main reason I chose to come to Warwick was because being brought up in London I kind of to escape the city and the fact that Warwick had a campus university really attracted me”

Studying PPE
From London but parents are originally from Hong Kong

“I’ve only been her for around two or three days and I really like how international Warwick is and the amount of different people you meet”

“To anyone considering studying here, I would say Warwick is one of the best unis in the Uk and if you’re doing economics like I am it’s been in the top three for a few years now, it’s definitely a good choice”

Studying European Law
From Romania

“I came to Warwick because I heard it’s a great school, I have many friends who studied here and they only have good words about this University. I think it’s quite a cultural shock for me which I want to experience because it’s a new country, new people, a new language”

2nd Year management student
From Germany

“I love that Warwick university opens you so many doors, either career wise, or you can get involved here, follow your passions, your hobbies, and how diverse the culture actually is and that everyone around is motivated, that it just makes you a better person.”

Studying Law
From Ghana

“What I like about Warwick is the campus is really beautiful, the people are really, really friendly, there are always new things to try and new hobbies to get into. It’s really good here. I’m really excited about what my future at Warwick brings.”

PhD student studying politics, Masters in International Security
From Italy

“I chose to study at Warwick because of its great reputation in the politics department.”

“Since arriving on campus I have been pleased by the friendly and welcoming students and staff here, it’s a great place to be right now.”

3rd year, Studying Philosophy, politics and Economics
From Spain

“What I love about Warwick is that it’s very international, my friend Savia is from Germany, I am from Spain but I grew up in Switzerland so we have many common interests, I think it’s great because you meet people from all over the world, and that’s what I love about it.”

Studying Film making
From Melbourne, Australia

“I love Warwick, my dad grew up around the corner, I’m here, I love it here, the people are super friendly and it’s just a great vibe around here. Everyone is happy and smiling and learning and doing amazing things.”

“I love learning, getting out there, being creative and being able to tell a story in a visual format and trying to get people thinking about different issues in the world. I like finding happiness and finding the happy story amongst the grim stuff that’s out in the world, which is amazing.”

Studying Psychology
From London

“What I love about Warwick is that you can pretty much just go up to anyone and speak to them, no one makes you feel like you’re really weird or different or anything, you can just be yourself and dress how you want.”

“Psychology kind of touches on lots of different things, so literally learning about humans. So for me personally, people are the most important thing about life, if we’re getting really deep. So learning more about people, learning more about what we did in the past and using it to kind of anticipate what we’ll do in the future and what we do now and how we interact with each other is really interesting.”

“Any advice I would give to someone coming to Warwick; really embrace the time because I’m in my second year and it’s really flying by. As well, Warwick is a really prestigious University so obviously focus on your books but on large scale just make sure you have lots and lots of fun.”