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Revising for exams? Is your memory failing you? Here are IGGY’s top tips for boosting your memory and getting you through the exam period.

Revision Tip 1

The rule of three

The brain loves sets of 3 and you are much more likely to remember things in threes. Say them aloud, say them three times and they might just stick

Revision Tip 2


Are you a visual learner? Try highlighting the key words or using specific colours to represent different subject, concepts or words

Revision Tip 3

Create a story

Create a story of images in your head that connects all the information you need to remember in a logical way, or a journey that represents the path to remember how to get from A to B to C

Revision Tip 4


Find podcasts that you can listen to or create your own recordings to listen to over and over again, or the bus, walking to school, even to listen to when you fall asleep

Revision Tip 5


Create your own song or rhyme to make sense of what you are trying to remember

Revision Tip 6

Puzzle it out

Need to memorise the order or process of something? Cut it up into pieces and then fit it back together like a jigsaw

Revision Tip 7

Flash Cards

Write flash cards with the answers on the back and get someone to test you, again and again and again

Revision Tip 8


Stick post-it notes and images around your room and read them as you pass, that way your notes will always be in sight and will hopefully stick in your head without you even trying

Revision Tip 9

Tell someone

Explain concepts, ideas and answers to other people, or speak to the mirror if there is no one around, saying something out loud is a good way to make your ideas memorable

Revision Tip 10

Take regular breaks

Remember you’re not a machine. Your brain needs rest, and you need regular breaks to re-charge, grab a drink and rationalise your learning

Revision Tip 11

Be Kind To Yourself

Sometimes things will take longer than expected, and that’s okay. Don’t berate yourself for it!

Revision Tip 12

Ask A Mentor

Why not ask one of the IGGY mentors if you’re stuck, or need a bit of extra help in their subject area?