IGGY Junior Commission Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel is made up of leading experts in the fields of education, technology and gifted and talented children.


Lord Jim Knight

The Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth
Jim Knight is the Managing Director of Online Learning at TSL Education Ltd, a member of the House of Lords and a visiting Professor at the London Knowledge Lab of the Institute of Education.more

Doug Brown

Education Consultant
Doug Brown has been in educational computing since starting work as a teacher in the 1970s. He has developed curricula, been an examiner, led inservice training and headed the advisory team of Birmingham’s Educational Support Services.more

Dr.Michelle Selinger

Education transformation specialist
Dr Michelle Selinger specialises in education transformation in all areas of formal learning and skills development. Michelle has worked with K-12 education systems globally to develop a vision and strategy ... more

Graham Brown-Martin

Founder of Learning Without Frontiers (LWF)
Graham Brown-Martin is the founder of Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), a global platform for thinkers and practitioners from the education, digital media, technology and entertainment ...more

Dr Lauren Bellarea

Research Assistant
Dr Lauren Bellaera is Research Assistant for the IGGY Junior Commission. Her PhD focused on exploring the interaction between emotion and cognition;more

Louise Lochee-Bayne

Project Manager for IGGY
Louise Lochee-Bayne is Project Manager for IGGY with main responsibility for the IGGY Junior Commission. She has advised the project from conception to delivery and has worked closely with the ten selected IGGY members ... more
"The IGGY Commission at the University of Warwick is an extraordinary initiative. It brings together the brightest young minds around the world and sets them a challenge to answer a question the rest of us have been grappling with for sometime. I have been a long time evangelist for the power of technology, orchestrated by teachers, to enable a more rigorous, relevant and rewarding experience for learners. I was therefore delighted to advise the commission." Lord Jim Knight - IGGY JUNIOR COMMISSION ADVISORY PANEL