IGGY Junior Commissioners were selected from Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa and the UK. They attended two residential trips to the UK and USA to discuss the direction of their report and carry out group research. They were keen to explore existing initiatives and understand global issues, problems and considerations which may impact education for future generations.

"The Junior Commission is a life-changing opportunity enabling some of the brightest young people in the world to collaborate on a topic of huge importance and make a real impact on the role of technology in education for future generations of learners." Professor Nigel Thrift
The University of Warwick

In addition to two residential trips, IGGY Junior Commissioners also communicated regularly online via web chats, email and via Google Hangout. They have carried out primary and secondary research, and have prepared a number of recommendations for schools and organisations to aspire to, in order to make a difference to education on a global scale.

During this project, Junior Commissioners have focused on four key areas: safety & security, cost & feasibility, pedagogy & social change, and future development. Their recommendations are intended to encourage development, research, provision and global change in the field of ‘Education and the Internet’.