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  • 20 April - 24 April: What's New This Week

    20 April - 24 April: What's New This Week

    What's new? Beat the mentors is taking off and that continues with a poetry quiz. You can check out what has been happening in the news this week with our daily news bites, as well as plenty more!

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  • Studying Law

    Studying Law

    Are you thinking of studying law at the University of Warwick? Are you a Warwick law offer holder? Or, are you thinking of applying to study law in the future?

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    • Task expires: 7/May/15
  • Shooting video for IGGY

    Shooting video for IGGY

    Camera technology is possibly one of the fastest growing industries today, and filmmakers around the world are benefiting from these developments in a lot of new and exciting ways.

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  • Changing perceptions of Britain from the Mesolithic to Neolithic age

    Changing perceptions of Britain from the Mesolithic to Neolithic age

    The Mesolithic-to-Neolithic transition marked a profound change in human society as a hunter-gatherer economy gave way to agriculture and the development of complex societies. In Northern Europe, t…

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  • Attend a lecture by Brian Cox and Michael Scott

    Attend a lecture by Brian Cox and Michael Scott

    We want to hear your views on the topic of the lecture – a very progressive and complex issue. Share your insights with us in a short video; those who create the most insightful submissions will …

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    • Challenge expires: 4/May/15
  • Regarding UFOs.

    Regarding UFOs.

    So, I’ve told people what I’m about to tell you before. The thing is, when I tell this story people tend to be skeptical or ridicule me. So I try not to tell people. Its just easier that way. …

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  • Mathematical Curiosities: Part 32

    Mathematical Curiosities: Part 32

    Whether you're moon-gazing or trying to dodge the rain you will have to keep your wits about you to get your head around this week's challenges!

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  • December Maths Challenges

    December Maths Challenges

    December's Maths Challenges are divided into three categories; Pure Mathematics Problems, Applied Mathematic Problems and Statistics Problems. Your challenge is to find answers to as many as possible.

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    • Task expires: 1/Dec/15
  • The History of Mathematics

    The History of Mathematics

    Ever wondered where Maths came from? Here are some interesting facts about where Maths originated, from the Ancient Egyptian Mathematics, to the Greek Mathematics, and where numerical digits came f…

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