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  • Part 2 - Disease models

    Part 2 - Disease models

    PART 2 - Disease models Finally we look at different types of disease models (SIS, SIR, SEIR) and how each of them is suitable for different types of diseases. We also look at the basic reproductiv…

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    June's Maths Challenges are divided into three categories; GCSE difficulty, AS and A2 difficulty. Your challenge is to find answers to as many as possible.

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  • The History of Mathematics

    The History of Mathematics

    Ever wondered where Maths came from? Here are some interesting facts about where Maths originated, from the Ancient Egyptian Mathematics, to the Greek Mathematics, and where numerical digits came f…

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Community FunCommunity Fun

  • Round 25: Famous Landmarks

    Round 25: Famous Landmarks

    This week is a little more fun after a couple of tough challenges recently. Check the picture and see if you can name the landmark. There are 20 to get! What will you score?

  • IGGY Top 50 - Round 2

    IGGY Top 50 - Round 2

    The updated version of the IGGY Top 50 Recommended Reading list

  • Dickensian Characters with a Twist

    Dickensian Characters with a Twist

    If you fancy yourself a Charles Dickens expert then step forward and play our Dickensian Characters With a Twist quiz. All you have to do is identify the eight famous Dickensian characters from the…




    In the final part of this series we'll examine the great scientific figures that have shaped the era we live in today. We'll look at how physics was shaken to its core by Albert Einstein, Max Planc…

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  • Smart Materials...

    Smart Materials...

    Smart materials are substances that have properties or characteristics that react to changes in the environment. This means that one of their chattels is subject to an external condition, such as t…

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  • Biology Quizzes: Part 1

    Biology Quizzes: Part 1

    Welcome to the first installment in a new series of Biology quizzes! Test your Science knowledge against a series of questions and show us what your made of. Each week the questions and challenges…

Current AffairsCurrent Affairs

  • Daily News Bites - Week Commencing 06/07/2015

    Daily News Bites - Week Commencing 06/07/2015

    Today's top news stories in under 60 seconds...

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  • Faster than Light?

    Faster than Light?

    Physics has been hitting the headlines recently with news that particles produced at CERN may have been seen travelling faster than the speed of light... something forbidden by Albert Einstein's th…

  • When do current events become history?

    When do current events become history?

    Let's Talk with student mentor Cassie. The distinction made between history and current events is far from well-defined. Some events considered historical can quickly become relevant again due to …

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Careers & Personal DevelopmentCareers & Personal Development

  • Facing Your Emotions

    Facing Your Emotions

    Why is it so hard for us to ignore faces? Dr Elisabeth Blagrove’s research in the Department of Psychology looked at people’s reactions to happy or threatening expressions.

  • Legal Careers

    Legal Careers

    When we think of a career in Law the two predominant legal roles that we think of are barrister and solicitor. Some of the other areas are:

  • Ask Your Law Question - Roundup: 1

    Ask Your Law Question - Roundup: 1

    We had some great questions posed to our resident Law bloggers. Listen to the mini-podcast below to hear their responses.

History & PoliticsHistory & Politics

  • Coin Of The Month - July

    Coin Of The Month - July

    It is a truism that we are increasingly becoming a more visual age and one that plays down the impact of the written word. Everything has to have visual impact to engage and interest the passive sp…

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  • League of Nations video

    League of Nations video

    League of Nations Video:By Nina

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  • The Yeti: myth or reality?

    The Yeti: myth or reality?

    There are many strange and wonderful animals from myth and legend, but not many are thought to actually exist! The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is a creature from ancient Himalayan m…


  • Spotlight on Joe Kittinger

    Spotlight on Joe Kittinger

    In August 1960, Joseph Kittinger made a balloon flight to the edge of space and then jumped out.

  • Surviving Arctic Conditions

    Surviving Arctic Conditions

    As Dr Philip McTernan explained in his Peak Fitness video, Mark has had to do a lot of physical preparation for his expedition, and as the expedition progresses, his body will undergo many more cha…

  • Mark Wood's Showcase Page

    Mark Wood's Showcase Page

    Mark Wood is IGGY’s explorer. He describes himself as “a pretty ordinary person” pushing his body and inner strength to the limits during solo expeditions to the North and South Poles, an att…

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